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Garnet & Jade Rose Earrings with Hercules Knot

Garnet & Jade Rose Earrings with Hercules Knot

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Unleash your inner fire and embrace resilience with these captivating garnet Hercules knot earrings. Each earring features a stunning white jade rose, delicately carved and suspended with a delightful dangly movement. The centerpiece is framed by a captivating knot design, where a portion of the intricate brass frame is adorned with sparkling Orissa garnet chips. This unique combination symbolizes unwavering strength (Hercules knot), passionate energy (garnet), and enduring beauty (white jade rose). The earrings conclude with elegant 2-inch brass chain tassels, adding a touch of elegance and movement to your every step.

Inspired by ancient Greek Hellenistic designs which incorporate both the Hercules knot and garnets in many designs. The Hercules knot is also known as a lovers knot, sailors knot and reef knot! One of a kind.

Genuine Orissa Garnet Hercules Knot Earrings (Earrings Only):

✿ Raw USA brass frame and wires, brass chain, natural Orissa garnet chips, natural white jade

Features cold forged hammered texture Hercules knot with part adorned in Orissa garnet chips. Centerpiece is a hand carved white jade rose. Brass chain tassels hang from each frame

Please note - Items are made with raw bronze, copper & brass which may obtain a natural patina (darkening/antiqued look) over time adding character to the design. To restore luster simple wipe clean with a lightly damp cloth & a few drops of lemon juice while avoiding the stones.

Stones are all natural unheated/untreated in any way

✿ Length ~4.5” from top of ear wires to bottom of tassels

✿ Feminine ancient Greece Hellenistic inspired design with rich symbolic essence.

Also referred to as the travelers stone because of the thought that it protected wearers on their journey, garnet has held rich symbolism for thousands of years. Garnets are also associated with love, passion, prosperity, as well as pomegranates! The ancient Egyptians, Greeks & Romans held garnet in close relation to the pomegranate fruit which is hinted at the in the origin of the word garnet itself.

Orissa garnet is a specific type of garnet mined from the Orissa region of India. This particular garnet is also an Almandine variety that has rich honey and light orange undertones especially noticeable in bright light

Garnets are the modern-day birthstone for January, becoming the official birthstone in 1912.

Revered in many cultures for its pure, milky appearance, White Jade holds profound meanings of purity, serenity, and tranquility. It is a stone of balance, promoting harmony in mind, body, and spirit. White Jade encourages its wearer to approach life with a calm and centered perspective. In Chinese culture, White Jade has been associated with virtue, grace, and gentle strength.

The Hercules knot is another symbolically rich symbol that has been in use for thousands of years. Though the origin is still unknown, the meaning has transcended across generations. Resilience, strength, fidelity, & perseverance are just a few of what this knot is known for! On top of having meaning meanings, this knot is also known by several names including the lovers knot, sailors knot and reef knot.

Used for marriage ceremonies, in wound healing and for marine purposes. The Hercules (alt. Herakles) name origin is also unclear however the knot became heavily associated with the Olympian throughout history. There are thoughts that it comes from his fight with the Nemean lion or perhaps a test from Hera who presented him with a complex knot. associated with love & marriage is likely due to Hercules himself. As the Roman god of strength & fertility, the knot's secure form beautifully symbolized the binding of two lives & the potential for a fruitful union. In many cultures, the knot became a cherished element in marriage ceremonies, representing the couple's everlasting bond

Note: Stones are all natural unheated/untreated in any way. They are unique just like you! All stones are ethically sourced!

✿ Handcrafted in USA - One of a kind! Please let us know if you have any questions, need alternate sizing or are interested in a custom order.

Please note: This listing is for the Heracles Knot Garnet Chip Earrings

✿ Free standard shipping on USA orders! Jewelry will come in a display/gift box. Please let us know if you would like to add a gift message - No additional charge

This one of a kind pair of earrings embodies the symbolism of white jade, garnets and the legendary Hercules knot. Embrace life’s journey with symbolic jewelry that resonates with you!

Humbly handcrafted in Des Moines Washington, USA!

Note: All of our gemstones are natural & ethically sourced. We prioritize sourcing our materials from local PNW small businesses & USA-based suppliers. We use 99% recyclable or reusable packaging, & our bubble mailers are often compostable. We make many of our business cards & package inserts in house with love energy!

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Artist: Lia

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