Our Story

We are a humble family of artisans who had the desire to create beautiful pieces that embody the many  vivid colors of life. We combined our talents with this desire in 2021 when we founded Beetle Bee Designs, the name being inspired by "beetle bee" our youngest member, a vivacious, free-spirited little girl who loves to explore.

Fed up with throwaway culture, we strive to create long lasting pieces intended to inspire feelings of felicity, individuality & alluring adventure time & time again. Each of us has a distinct style yet all of our designs are heavily influenced by our surroundings. Our designs are for those eclectic spirits that embrace the beauty of life & the journey that comes with it. 

We are dedicated to providing original, eye catching pieces that have been handcrafted by our family. Care & loving intention is embedded in every piece we create & package. Our materials come from local PNW suppliers, USA &  small businesses whenever possible. Our gemstones are all natural & ethically sourced whenever possible as well. We do not outsource,  drop ship or mass produce!

Scroll down to check out our family team & learn more about what drives each of us - Want to connect? Come say hello on Instagram! -  @beetlebeeDESMOINES

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An Eclectic Soul


A hopeless romantic who is in love with German Shepherds, wandering, the bible & baby bee. Growing g up in the multi-cultural PNW & delving into her own family heritage has fueled Lia's appetite for eclectic designs. Her own designs started about ten years ago with a cart full of gemstone chips, a box of vintage Czech glass beads & some wire. Lia now enjoys working with raw copper & brass elements by bringing them together with semi-precious stones or crystals. Drawing on inspiration from the picturesque PNW, bright natural gemstones paired with the earthy tone of copper & bright glint of brass are key attributes of her work. Outside of creating jewelry, Lia loves discovering an adventure with her fiancé, baby bee & their German  shepherd, or visiting family while enjoying Grandpas cooking.

Untraditional Native Beadwork

Miss D.

Passionate about human connection, Miss D. is a skilled bead weaver  who draws inspirations from family memories & daily interactions as a math para-educater. Her love for beading began as a child when she learned traditional native bead weaving from her mother with Cherokee ancestry. Spending time at many events & shows with her mother has gifted Miss D with over 40 years of experience. Bead weaving is not only a way to cherish  the memories with her mother, but also a way to share them with the world. Preferring to use tiny Czech glass seed beads,  Miss D. now works primarily with the brick stitch method, developing her own beading patterns & artistic style to create untraditional designs.

Capturing The Beautiful PNW

Grandpa Jeff

A Washington native drawn to nature who has been working with his hands from young age. His love for the outdoors is apparent by the influence of flora & foliage in his designs. Already accustomed to working with his hands, Grandpa became an avid sewer when  a creative solution was needed for household items that were not available in the quality or style the family needed. This new skill quickly blossomed from furniture covers, to clothes, quilts & now fashion accessories. The beauty of the PNW is visible in the wildflower & rustic design elements featured in his creations. When he is not working on his craft, Grandpa can be found in the kitchen, cooking delicious food for everyone.