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Ear Cuff No Piercing Natural Rainbow Fluorite & Flower Coin

Ear Cuff No Piercing Natural Rainbow Fluorite & Flower Coin

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Allow yourself to feel harmonized with this captivating rainbow fluorite ear cuff, no piercing required. The lightweight ear cuff frame was hand crafted with 100% raw USA brass, then adorned with natural micro faceted ethically sourced rainbow fluorite stones & a gold plated brass flower coin on a bright copper plate brass chain. The brass is firm yet flexible enough for this piece to be adjusted for wear on the cartilage, conch or other desired areas of the ear. Lightly pinch or pull apart the ear cuff to adjust to your desired fit. This ear cuff has a boho chic siren flare & can enhance any outfit or jewelry ensemble.

Rainbow Fluorite Ear Cuff (made to order):

✿ Made to order with 18 gauge raw USA brass, bright copper plate brass chain, rainbow fluorite & pressed flower coin charm

Please note - Because each piece is made to order, there may be slight variations in the item you received compared to the item pictured. Items are made with raw copper & brass which may obtain a natural patina (darkening/antiqued look) over time adding character to the design. To restore lust simple wipe clean with a lightly damp cloth & a few drops of lemon juice while avoiding the stones/charm.

Do you prefer a metal other than brass? Please send a message! We currently have raw copper & stainless steel available.

✿ Ear cuff size 4-5mm hoop diameter (1/2 inch diameter) - 1 inch length with chain
Please note - Need a different size? Please contact us & we would be happy to help

✿ Beachy boho chic design with a siren vibe. Fake cartilage or helix piercing - No actual piercing required to wear. Very lightly pinch closed or pull open to adjust as needed. Ensure ear cuff has a snug fit but is not overly tight causing discomfort.

✿ Natural ethically sourced rainbow fluorite & pressed flower coin charm. Hold the stones up to the light to appreciate the various colors.

Rainbow fluorite is part of the fluorite mineral group, also referred to as fluor spar & is a naturally occurring combination of the minerals calcium + fluorine. When exposed to trace elements and certain radiation, such as UV light, the crystal emits an array of colors! There are many associated properties of rainbow fluorites including the promotion of harmony, mental clarity & protection against negative energy.

Please note that because of the use of rainbow fluorite in this piece, each stones colors will vary from clear to green, blue & purple tones. Do you have a stone color preference? Let me know in the messages otherwise random colors will be selected!

✿ Handcrafted in USA by our shop - One of a kind & made to order! Please let us know if you have any questions, need alternate sizing or interested in a custom order.

Please note: Due to this item being hand crafted with natural brass & gemstones, each item will be slightly different & unique - just like you!

✿ Free standard shipping on USA orders! Jewelry will come in a display/gift box. Please let us know if you would like to add a gift message - No additional charge

This fake piercing ear cuff is perfect for those who cannot tolerate or do not have a cartilage piercing. Lightweight & dainty are just a few reasons this ear cuff will become your new favorite accessory or make a meaningful gift to a friend!

Humbly handcrafted in Des Moines Washington, USA!

Note: All of our gemstones are natural & ethically sourced. We obtain as many materials as possible from local & USA suppliers. Jewelry will be shipped in recyclable & or reusable packaging.

Artist: Lia

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