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Agate Rose Upper Arm Bracelet With Peridot Accents

Agate Rose Upper Arm Bracelet With Peridot Accents

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Romantic vintage inspired boho chic armlet arm chain featuring a hand carved red agate rose in peridot adorned floral wreath pendant. This one of a kind upper arm chain cuff is sure to captivate those around you with it's unique beauty & elegant style!

✿ 22k gold finished USA brass floral wreath focal (created from vintage USA brass stamping plates), raw USA brass ivy leaf charms, raw brass plated copper chain, raw USA brass wire, raw brass lever back style ear wires

Due to being raw, the copper & brass may obtain a natural patina over time adding character to the design. To restore luster, wipe clean with a lightly damp cloth of water & a few drops of lemon juice. Use polishing cloth if desired

✿ Armlet/arm chain length 11" - Not adjustable, however we can add or subtract length by request if desired

✿ Romantic & feminine boho chic design. The red agate rose is a hand carved natural stone with hints of orange & yellow. The peridot stones are natural gemstone chips, each being unique in shape & size

Red agates are know for protection & revealing anxiety. Agates are also mentioned in the bible as being part of the third row of stones on high presets robe along with jacinth & amethyst (exodus 28:19). Hold these beautiful stones up to the light to see the truth depth of color they offer

Peridots are the official birthstone of August. They are a crisp & refreshing light green color. Known for harmony, releasing guilt & encouraging personal growth, this stone is a wonderful compliment to agate. Depending on the translation, peridot may also have been mentioned in the bible as being using on the high priests robe (exodus 28:17). It has also been used in ancient Egypt since at least 1500 BC & was known as the stone of the sun. These stones are very translucent in bright light

Red roses are known for passion, love & respect while orange roses are known for fascination, desire & enthusiasm. The red agates in these earrings feature tones of both red & orange

Gemstones are sourced raw (unheated, undyed) from small businesses

✿ One of a kind handcrafted in USA by our shop! Please let us know if you have any questions or are interested in an alternate item - We can create a custom order for you

✿ Free standard shipping on USA orders! Jewelry will come in a display/gift box. Please let us know if you would like to add a gift message

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